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A wireless barcode reader is a device that operates on radio frequency (radio readers) or Bluetooth. In the case of radio readers, standard equipment includes a radio receiver or a docking station that also functions as a charger. In the case of Bluetooth readers, the set includes a receiver, but you can use a Bluetooth receiver located in a computer / laptop / smartphone. The readers can read one-dimensional (1D bar) codes and sometimes multi-dimensional (2D) codes such as QR, Aztec.

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Radio readers ensure wireless operation using radio wave technology. They guarantee free work without disturbing cables with longer range. They are perfect for use in warehouses, warehouses and production halls, where mobility is important.
Radio frequency readers have a much greater range of wireless operation than readers equipped with a Bluetooth module.
Wireless radio scanners are ready to work right after plugging the USB receiver into the computer port, to which the reader connects via radio frequency.