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RFID technology is used to identify objects from a distance and uses radio waves for this purpose. Information is stored on special chips that are placed on objects. RFID markers can take the form of an electronic system that records and stores data and creates a radio signal or a transmitting receiving antenna.
RFID technology is also used in many other fields. The use of the system in warehouses allows for automatic inventory taking. RFID scanners help to control production lines. It is possible to collect precise time measurements - both monitoring working time and measuring time during sports competitions. The natural environment for RFID is retail, where a huge flow of goods is visible, which must be recorded on an ongoing basis. Thanks to RFID, we know where our courier shipment is. RFID cards protect rooms against an attempt to enter by a person from outside the company. Quick tolls from viaTOLL on motorways are possible thanks to RFID technology.
RFID readers that you can find in our offer are intended for reading this type of data.