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The wired barcode reader is equipped with a USB cable or an optional RS232. Our offer includes models with a stand in the set and manual models. The readers have a modern scanning system and allow you to read one-dimensional or two-dimensional codes. Depending on the customer's needs, when choosing a specific model, it is worth paying attention to whether the device reads barcodes (1D) or also scans two-dimensional (2D) codes, such as, for example, QR code, AZTEC, DataMatrix etc. The scanners are made of high quality materials, which guarantees durability and have a solid housing that meets the IP54 standard, and some models even IP65 / IP67.

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Wired barcode readers are ready to work after connecting to the target device with a dedicated cable. They guarantee fast and precise reading of one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes, depending on the model, thanks to the scanning system made of high-quality components. Among wired readers, we distinguish manual and stationary ones, and their choice depends on the profile of the business and the needs of customers. For customers looking for freedom of action, wired handheld readers are recommended.
You can choose a device with a stand included in the set and equipped with an automatic mode, in which the code is read when it is within the range of the laser beam. In all kinds of small shops and boutiques, where the mobility of the scanner is less important, stationary readers with an automatic mode, to which they owe their convenience and efficiency, will work.