HD10 - 1D wired code reader

Reference: HD10

EAN: 5907614661076

  • Light source: 650 nm diode laser
  • Reading speed [j/s]: 300 scans per second
  • Scanning method: manually
  • Available interfaces: USB
Net price: 39.84

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About Product

The reader has an IP54 protection levelwhich makes the device resistant to falls from a height of 1.8 meters and protects against the ingress of dust and dirt. Ideally suited to the supermarket, retail, warehouse, logistics and library.

A very good quality scanning system reads leading 1D codes quickly and precisely, with a speed of up to 300 scans per second. The user is informed of the successful scan by a blue LED and an acoustic signal. The reader works in the manual mode, reading the codes after pressing the button.

HD10 does not require installation of any driver for correct operation, it works immediately after plugging it into the USB port of a computer or laptop. The device works with the Linux operating system and Windows XP, 7, 8, 10.

The kit icluded:

  • Barcode reader
  • User manual


  • Ergonomic shape and low weight
  • Scanning speed and precision
  • Plug & Play interface

Read codes

Readable 1D codes: UPC, EAN, EAN128, Code39, Code 39 Full ASCII, Coda bar, industrial/interleaved 2 of 5, Code93, MSI, Code11, ISBN, ISSN, China post


  • Light source: 650 nm diode laser
  • Scanner type: 1D, laser
  • Scan type: bidirectional
  • Scanning method: manual, continuous
  • Scan confirmation: light and sound
  • Material: ABS + PC
  • Processor: 32-bit ARM
  • Interface: USB
  • Protection:  IP54
  • Device weight: 250 g

Working specification:

  • Print contrast: min. 25%
  • Scanning speed: 300 scans per second
  • Error factor: 1/5 milion
  • Scan width: 5-30 cm
  • Drop resistance: 1,8 m
  • Working temperature: - 20℃ to 50℃
  • Storage temperature: - 40℃ to 60℃
  • Button lifetime: 5 000 000 times
  • Laser life: 12000 hours
  • Output voltage:  5/3,3 V
  • Working current: 40mA
  • Standby current: 28mA


Light source
650 nm diode laser
Reading speed [j/s]
300 scans per second
Scanning method
Available interfaces
Weight [g]
250 g
Confirmation (light)
Confirmation (sound)
Working temperature [°C]
- 20℃ to 50℃
Storage temperature [°C]
- 40℃ to 60℃
2 years
32-bit ARM
5 / 3,3 V
Readable 1D codes
UPC, EAN, EAN-128, Code 39, Code 39 Full ASCII, Coda bar, Industrial 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF), Code 93, MSI, Code 11, ISBN, ISSN, China post
Level of security
Material of execution
Working current
Standby current