Stationary code reader with temperature measurement HD-SL6T

Reference: HD-SL6T

EAN: 5907614660703

  • Light source: CMOS
  • Matrix: 640 x 480
  • Reading speed [j/s]: 200
  • Scanning method: automatic
Net price: 449.17

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Take care of the safety of your employees - we present the HD-SL6T, a reader with temperature measurement

HD-SL6T is a stationary device equipped with a multidimensional code reader and a built-in sensor for measuring body temperature. It is characterized by a solid workmanship and an elegant appearance, affecting the aesthetics of the environment. You can successfully hang it anywhere.

Safety and accurate measurement

The equipment increases the safety of employees, which is so important in the era of a pandemic. It guarantees accurate measurement down to 0.1 degrees Celsius. The measurement is non-contact and takes less than a second. Measurement information is shown on a readable display and stored in the built-in memory.

Precision and convenience of scanning codes

The scanning system built into the HD-SL6T model offers precise reading of the leading 1D and 2D codes. Additionally, it is possible to save the scanned codes and save them in the built-in memory of the device. The reader allows for wireless action.

The kit includes:

Stationary code reader, USB cable.


Light source
640 x 480
Reading speed [j/s]
Scanning method
Available interfaces
Cable length [mm]
Confirmation (light)
Confirmation (sound)
Working temperature [°C]
-10 - 60
Storage temperature [°C]
-20 - 65
Operating humidity [%]
5 - 90
Storage humidity [%]
5 - 95